Sunday, 28 November 2010


80's trousers, retro addias tee
retro multi-colour leggings, bag, elephant jumper!
retro PUMA jacket - still with label
shoes, jacket, two cardigans and waistcoat pullover

all from charity shop's in norwich :)

p.s. it's cold

Monday, 15 November 2010


so I went shopping saturday in the city, around the market and more little shops rather than in the mall. i didn't have much money on me either but this is what i got..

this 80's multi colored blouse. it's gorgeoussss. it's from my favorite vintage boutique

this blouse, it's got little elephants and lions and giraffes on, i think it's american from the 80's, i only think that because it reminds me of the fat american guys i see on holiday haha.
this is also from my favorite vintage boutique.

this grandad jumper waistcoat 100% cotton, so it's really itchy but oh well! i got this on a market stall which specialized in vintage and retro clothes

a cute little brooch from another one of my favorite boutiques. as you can see, it's checkered with a little card attached to it. mega cute! :)

these big earrings, a TARTEN hoop pair and a statement feather pair. they were both really cheap.

and last but least.. i bought this lovely patterned scarf which i'll use for bags or a hairband or a scarf.. i love having that ability for various uses. and i got the vintage braces. both from a vintage market stall :)
so yeah :)

i love this floral pattern! each of these things I got are from total different shops. its lovelyyyyyyyy

Saturday, 6 November 2010

today while i was waiting to go home i thought i'd have a wonder in a few charity shops. all i had was £6 but in charity shop shoping world, that's quite alot haha. i bought three lovely things..

this oversized coat, it has a very nice purple/green pattern on it. and its lovely and warm!

thisss vintage cream fred perry sweater! i'm not that into fred perry but it was £1, i just couldn't resist. and if i ever sell it, i think that would be worth alot.

and last but leastt, these tartan trousers, which i've made into skinny.


these days I wear nothing but my docs. they just go with everything and awfully comfy. perfect for winter. oh i love you mr.doc marten.

Friday, 5 November 2010

just been on an amazing vintage website based on the 80's. these are on my want list. i've been wanting some leather shorts, i think i may make my leather trousers into shorts, they might end up looking like them.
okkkk.. so i dunno what these kind of patterned scarfs are called, they kind of remind me of Italy. but here's my collection, I've been collecting them from car boots and charity shops for a year now. i love them.. they can be used as scarfs, used on bags, headband, i even used one for a belt once.

skirts i have been busy making recently

this is the waistcoat/jumper i made the other day, I'm not sure what to call it? waistcoat.. but its more jumpery.. sleeveless cardigan? haha.
i bought the actually thing itself but changed the buttons to theese gold ones and adding the embroidery which is a horse. i looooove it :)
ohh I forgot my password to my last blog! so I have to restart! but oh well, it's a fresh start.