Monday, 15 November 2010


so I went shopping saturday in the city, around the market and more little shops rather than in the mall. i didn't have much money on me either but this is what i got..

this 80's multi colored blouse. it's gorgeoussss. it's from my favorite vintage boutique

this blouse, it's got little elephants and lions and giraffes on, i think it's american from the 80's, i only think that because it reminds me of the fat american guys i see on holiday haha.
this is also from my favorite vintage boutique.

this grandad jumper waistcoat 100% cotton, so it's really itchy but oh well! i got this on a market stall which specialized in vintage and retro clothes

a cute little brooch from another one of my favorite boutiques. as you can see, it's checkered with a little card attached to it. mega cute! :)

these big earrings, a TARTEN hoop pair and a statement feather pair. they were both really cheap.

and last but least.. i bought this lovely patterned scarf which i'll use for bags or a hairband or a scarf.. i love having that ability for various uses. and i got the vintage braces. both from a vintage market stall :)
so yeah :)

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  1. wow, these are lush. You have access to some lovely vintage boutiques wherever you live!

    Helen, x