Friday, 8 July 2011

it was my bbbdaaayy the other day and to celebrate me and my boyfriend went too london, we went to camden and brick lane. with my birthday money i bought some creepers and just a few clothes and bags and ecttt. so now i have two pairs of creepers, the ones i wanted to agesss! i also got some lilac DM's for my birthday, YESS. And i replaced my black shiny DM's too the orignal black DM's.
I'm ramberling.
I also took a kinda long break from Lookbook but now i'm backkkkkkkkkkkk xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. shoes are amazing!

  2. Ooh, when was your birthday? It was mine to, well on the 1st and I went to London/Camden with my boyfriend, it was amazing as usual! I can't think of a bad trip to London. I walked into one of the Camden shoe shops and stroked a pair of floral pastel doc's they were so gorgeous I just wouldn't wear them, much like I don't wear the black ones I have now xx

  3. happy belated birthday. :D I just made a post not to long ago about creepers.

  4. I really like your style, I'm following you!
    Visit my blog if you like!

  5. Happy birthday! I like your style, that velvet shirt is amazing. And your hair - just perfect.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  6. Just found your blog :) Hope you had an awesome birthday, loving the new docs!

    I'm following.